Top 20 well paying jobs in Canada available for you in 2022/2023

Working in Canada has been the dream of every below average man and woman in the country, but the question is, how can one find a suitable and a well paying job available in Canada.

Getting a job in Canada can be very hard because most of these jobs requires skill and technology and also, one of the reason why some jobseekers end up not getting their desired job is because most of them may not be looking at the best place at the right time.

We have put together some necessary information which will help you our reader to know the right way to follow, and some important document required of you and how to apply.

Before we go deep into the above listed, one of the easiest way to get a well paying job in Canada in first, leaving in Canada, this is because most of the jobs available in Canada may need the applicant presence and with this, if you are outside the four walls of Canada it may be a bit hard for you to access a job in Canada.

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So before considering looking for a job in Canada, you have to first relocate and base in Canada probably become a citizen or have a work permit.

We understand that migrating to Canada from Nigeria or any other part of the world may be a bit difficult, but we have put up some little guide on how to move to Canada on some of our previous post.

Some questions have jobseekers find hard to tackle includes if they need to get a job offer before moving to Canada from based country of theirs, but the answer is “NO” this is because some professional jobs in Canada do not require you to have an offer to work in Canada before you can consider migrating to Canada.

Below are some of the professions that does not require a work permit before you can be able to work in Canada

            Business owners and investors

            Self-employed businesses

            Spouse of temporary workers and students

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            Spouse/partners being sponsored for permanent residence

looking for a job? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to get a job in Canada

            By agent

            Online [Social media]

            Canvassing employers

            Referral

            Networking

            Most demanded jobs in Canada

This list of the most demanded jobs in Canada available for you was gathered as of the time of writing the article and may have changed by the time you are reading the article.

            Driver

            Registered nurse

            Financial advisor

            HR manager

            An accountant

            Electrical engineer

            Sales associate

            Receptionist

            Developer

            Project Manager and

            Business development manager.

            Available jobs for foreigners in Canada

Below are the list of top 20 jobs available by Canadian Government job available for foreign.

            Sales representative with payment ranging from $52,000 – $64,000

            Administrative assistant with payment ranging from $43,875 – $52,000

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            Gross sales affiliate with payment ranging from $37,050 – $73,000

            Customer support consultant with payment ranging from $34,125 – $55,000

            Driver with payment ranging from $44,234 – $62,000

            Accounts payable and receivable with payment ranging from $34,750 – $62,000

            Registered nurse with payment ranging from $80,126 – $105,000

            Ventures supervisor with payment ranging from $90.675 – $125,000

            Electrical engineer with payment ranging from $74,997 – $92,000

            Laborer with payment ranging from $31,919 – $58,000

            Welder with payment ranging from $43,875 – $72,000

            Accountant with payment ranging from $58,500 – $72,000

            Software developer with payment ranging from $85,600 – $115,000

            Merchandiser with payment ranging from $31,346 – $52,000

            Veterinarian with payment ranging from $59,000 – $71,000

            Recruitment specialists with payment ranging from $59,000 – $71,000

            Steamfitter and pipe fitter with payment ranging from $41,000 – $68,000

            Information Technology project manager with payment ranging from $90,000 – $114,000

            Monetary advisor with payment ranging from $77,739 – $102,000

            HR Supervisor with payment ranging from $78,975 – $100,000

NOTE: All the figures listed above are in Canadian dollars, not the generally recognized United States dollars

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