Job vacancy for the post of Group Asset Care Manager (Manufacturing) 2021

Group Asset Care Manager (Manufacturing)

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Jotna Nigeria Limited
JOTNA Nigeria – JOTNA Nigeria Website - Group Asset Care Manager (Manufacturing)
Reports to: Group Head Technical Services, Jotna Group.
Location: Coker, Lagos
• The Group Asset Care Manager will plan and execute Asset Care strategy for the Group plant operations. You will oversee optimal functioning, continual upgrading and acquisition of equipment/technology while supporting capital projects.
• You will manage the front end, midline, back end and Asset Care team and assist the plant in performance execution by analyzing problems, formulating a practical solution and procuring/installing necessary components to advance and optimize the operation.
• You shall recommend, instate and control the execution of maintenance contracts for all business critical assets within the Jotna Group and its business units.
• This position reports to the Group Head Technical Services and works closely with the business units Plant Managers and Plant Team.
  • Design, implement and maintain management information systems using a combination of automated, semi-automated and manual systems.
• Defines and supervises the execution of the plant maintenance strategy and procedures in response to the plant performance and failures in accordance with industry best practices and World Class Manufacturing.
• Implement preventive maintenance programs, ensure equipment performance monitoring to reduce breakdown by initiating pro-active maintenance.
  • Enhance diagnostic, faultfinding and troubleshooting skill of plant electricians and mechanics to reduce length of machine downtime.
• Awareness of business critical assets that are obsolete and require replacement or upgrade, as they are no longer manufactured.
• Develop short to medium term agenda and budget replacing obsolete system to reduce time intensive breakdowns.
  • Drives the RCPS I + II Root Cause Problem Solving agenda via Fishbone analysis, 5Why and RCPS – trigger matrix.
• Drives functional problem solving, equipment improvement, process and technology improvement.
• Develops OEM relationships.
• Plan and ensure seamless executions of annual maintenance and overhaul of critical equipment.
• Ensure implementation of basic cycle maintenance, lubrication, cleaning and inspection CIL and instill these principles to be part of the culture of operators and technicians.
• Ensure proper upkeep and prevent loss of the tools and equipment in the engineering department.
• Take lead in change management for the engineering and maintenance department related to people structure or role changes, technology enhancement, regulatory and company initiatives on productivity.
• Ensure maintenance of facilities and plant infrastructure.
• Develops a sourcing strategy for Electrical, Electronical and Mechanical technicians.
• Suggests to business units training and skill development to keep up with new and existing systems.
 • Liaises with the Maintenance Team Leaders Mechanical/ Electrical and assists the department in performance execution by analyzing specific problems, formulating a practical solution and procuring and installing necessary components to advance and optimize the operation.
• Motivate, organize and encourage teamwork within the Asset Care and Production teams across the Group to ensure productivity targets are met or exceeded.
• Draft and submit budget proposals and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary to ensure the budget estimate and final cost for the project falls within budget.
• ERP rollout, drive preventative maintenance agenda and integration with spares level and reordering quantities.
• Audit spare parts availability in business units, value of slow moving spares. Execution of write off of obsolete spares, due to decommissioning of machines or systems.
• Develop a policy for critical spare parts that will be available at the business units to prevent stoppages of the lines. Plan for timely requisition and acquisition of the needed spare parts, with diligence to keep parts inventory levels to the minimum.
 • Coordinates engineering requirements through capital planning in collaboration with the Asset Care functions in the Business units.
• Advise on local plant project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools to effectively track project milestones and deliverables.
• Manages data and analytics related to Plant priorities and related systems.
• Effectively communicate to management any critical actions needed to restore the condition of the equipment to 100% reliability.
• Supports Plant Managers to ensure Safety – Zero Accident
• Design systems to provide a useful and safe workplace according to best practices and latest technical standards.
• Supports business units being compliant to testing schedules, e.g. testing of pressure vessels according to Nigerian legislation.
• Have good knowledge in driving safety rules plant.
• Graduate Degree in Engineering
• Professional Certifications e.g. CMRP Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional and or MMS Maintenance Management Systems a plus.
• Must have at up to 10 year’s functional experience in the manufacturing industry.
• Asset Management Experience.
• Budget and Cost Control.
• Strong knowledge of project management.
• Good Problem solving skills.
• A Strong Knowledge of Manufacturing Standards.
• Health and Safety Procedures

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